Zeelool Hercules ( Age 1 – 3 ) Kids Eyeglasses

Zeelool is a brand that values the importance of protecting your children’s eyes from harmful rays of the sun and blue light. With the Hercules (Age 1-3) Kids Eyeglasses, they are introducing their latest offering to ensure that your kids’ vision stays protected and comfortable.

Made from high-quality TR90 material, the frame is both flexible and wearable, making it easy for your little ones to wear and handle. This technology provides your children with a durable and reliable frame that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday activities. Additionally, this material ensures that the frame is free from potentially harmful hard materials, which could cause discomfort or injury to your kids.

One thing that sets the Hercules apart from the other kids’ eyeglasses on the market is the round shape. The round shape of the glasses is unique and stylish, which is suitable for a variety of occasions, whether it’s for school, playtime, or just hanging out with friends. The frame is also small and narrow, with a size of 44.03-40.84-109, ensuring a comfortable fit for your child’s face.

The glasses come with soft nose pads, providing an extra layer of comfort, which is especially important for children. The nose pads also prevent the glasses from slipping or sliding down, which can be a significant source of annoyance and frustration for kids.

Another great feature of the Hercules eyeglasses is the spring hinge. The hinge allows for greater flexibility and ease of movement for your child, preventing the glasses from breaking easily. As children are always on the move and often rough with their belongings, the spring hinge is a valuable addition that ensures that the glasses stay in good condition.

The Hercules (Age 1-3) Kids Eyeglasses also come with a wide range of prescription strengths. With an RX range of -20.00~+12.00, parents can rest assured that their children’s vision needs are catered to. The glasses also have a PD range of 50~65, which means that the lenses are set to provide the correct distance between the pupils of your child’s eyes, ensuring proper vision correction.

However, it is important to note that the Hercules (Age 1-3) Kids Eyeglasses do not come with progressive lenses. Progressive lenses are lenses that have multiple prescription strengths within the same lens, providing a more natural transition from near to far distances. While not essential for young children, progressive lenses can be beneficial for older children who may have more complex vision needs.

In conclusion, the Hercules (Age 1-3) Kids Eyeglasses are a great investment for parents looking for comfortable, stylish, and reliable eyeglasses for their children. With high-quality materials, advanced technology, and a range of prescription strengths, Zeelool’s latest offering is a great option to protect your child’s vision while also keeping them looking their best.

SKU: ZOT086061-06
Shape: Round
Size: Narrow 44.03-40.84-109
Materials: TR90
Weight: 9.3 g
RX Range: -20.00~+12.00
PD Range: 50~65
Progressive: NO
Spring Hinge: YES

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