Zeelool Jack Men Eyeglasses

The Zeelool Jack Men Eyeglasses are a stylish and comfortable addition to any wardrobe. Made with high-quality materials, these glasses are built to last and offer all-day comfort. The full-rim square frame is crafted from glossy acetate, giving it a sleek and polished look.

What sets these glasses apart is the temple arms, which are made of wood with durable titanium inserts. This unique combination of materials provides a sturdy yet lightweight construction. The tips of the temple arms are surrounded by a silicone cover, adding an extra layer of comfort.

The 120° design of these glasses is a thoughtful detail that enhances their comfort. This design not only prevents the glasses from clipping the face or eroding with perspiration but also releases the pressure on the temple, ensuring a comfortable fit all day long.

These glasses are versatile and suitable for a wide range of face shapes. The rectangle shape is perfect for those who prefer a more classic and traditional look. The medium size (54.48-40.8-134) ensures that these glasses will fit most faces comfortably.

In addition to their stylish design and comfort, the Zeelool Jack Men Eyeglasses also feature progressive lenses. This means that they can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The RX range is -20.00~+12.00, and the PD range is 54~78. This makes these glasses an excellent option for those who require prescription lenses.

The glasses also come equipped with spring hinges, ensuring a comfortable fit and making them easy to put on and take off. Spring hinges also add an extra layer of durability, as they can help to prevent damage to the frame.

Overall, the Zeelool Jack Men Eyeglasses are an excellent choice for those looking for a stylish and comfortable pair of glasses. They are versatile, durable, and suitable for a wide range of face shapes. The unique combination of materials used in their construction makes them both sturdy and lightweight, and the 120° design ensures all-day comfort. With their progressive lenses and spring hinges, these glasses offer excellent functionality and are a great investment for anyone in need of prescription eyewear.

  • SKU: ZFA0431-07
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Size: Medium 54.48-40.8-134
  • Materials: acetate
  • Weight: 26.4 g
  • RX Range: -20.00~+12.00 
  • PD Range: 54~78 
  • Progressive: YES 
  • Spring Hinge: YES

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